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Kit+Syl, is named after my first sources of inspiration, my compulsively stylish grandmothers, Kitty Rogers and Sylvia Fader.

I am a lifelong artist, and I am a maker.  My existence is fueled by a constant craving to work with my hands and imagination. I am sure I share the feelings of many fellow creatives when I say, what makes me the happiest is the process of making.  Once I put down the paintbrush to pick up the hammer, I quickly fell in love with the tactile acts of sawing, torching, and drilling into metal.

I have always been fascinated by the relationship between design and nature. Only now have I found the perfect medium with which to continue this exploration. My original designs are a marriage between my visual aesthetic and personal style. My goal is to create lightweight pieces that are comfortable to wear. I am inspired by the female form, and design toward complimenting the curves of the feminine figure. I often play with the contrast between strength and fragility. My designs are delicate, intricate and detailed, while my materials are mostly metal and are often roughly hammered.

Kit+Syl jewelry is proud to be based out of the Champlain Valley, but is always open to work and collaborations, which require travel.